Vale of Aylesbury Athletics Club Marathon challenge

On the 6th of October 2019, Vale of Aylesbury Athletics Club held a team charity marathon at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. The club run this event annually, raising money for different charities each time. This year they chose the Nic Willoughby Fund as their charity.
Children of the club up to 15 years old took part. They completed a marathon distance round the track in teams, each runner completing 200m stints each time over 211 legs.
6 members of the Fund attended this event to give the club support and to promote the fund and what we do.
The participants from Vale of Aylesbury Athletics Club raised £2026.54 in total which will go towards providing financial support for grassroots sports. The Nic Willoughby fund would like to thank all the participants, coaches, and supporters for their hard work in organising, running, and completing the event. 
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