About Nic and the Fund

Nic discovered his love of sport at a very young age, really when he started to walk. It was something special that he shared with his dad. 

His love of cricket was shared with his sister Beth and brother Tom. All three of them played at Bledlow village Cricket Club. 

This love was to continue and thrive throughout his life.
He enjoyed playing a real variation of sports, including; football, rugby, cricket, golf, squash, badminton, hockey, and tennis. At one point, Nic was also a keen fisherman and the photo shows how proud he was after this particular catch! 

Nic loved the friendships he made playing team sports. He embraced the whole team ethic and at primary and secondary schools, playeing in many teams.

 He proudly captained a team on the tour to Lord Williams’s School Barbados Cricket tour. It wasn’t just participating he enjoyed, Nic also found a love of watching sport too, whether it was live or on the television. He was a avid Watford FC supporter and from a very young age he travelled all over the country to watch matches.

He also became very knowledgeable about sports generally, including horse racing which came through his best friend and stepbrother Albert. Nic would often watch Albert ride out and supported him at race meetings.

On the football field, Nic was a strong and competitive defender and also became an accomplished goal keeper. This no doubt helped with his wicket keeping skills too! Nic developed an amazing long throw, which caused  panic with opposing teams, as demonstrated in the photo below when playing for Naphill FC.

As a young adult, sport was always in Nic’s routine whether that be running, cricket or playing one bounce or touch football with Albert and Tom. This later became a healthy and often heated competition that continued for many years.
Despite thoroughly enjoying a drink at the pub, he got most excited at the site of a pool table and a five matched competition would commence immediately, every shot taken with enormous seriousness.

This Fund which has been set up in Nic’s name will give financial support to all grassroots sports. The main focus is to provide critical financial assistance to small sports clubs or individuals. The Nic Willoughby Fund is in partnership with the Heart of Bucks who will help to promote the fund and support the application process. In the coming months and years many fundraising events will be organised. Nic would be thrilled to see a Fund such as this aiding the improvement of grassroots sports clubs. The generosity so far has been astounding. Grants have already been given to selected Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire schools, cricket, and football clubs. These specific organisations were chosen as they were all important to Nic and they are able to use the funding for sporting opportunities.